17 page booklet type United Nations IDL's issued by the International Travel Association. Limited Supply - just US$400! Limit 3 per customer!

We have in stock a limited supply of the 17 page booklet type United Nations IDL's issued by the International Travel Association. They come with the official stamp and hot sealed. As with all international driving licenses, they are valid for one year!

They go extremely well with camouflage passports! Here's the low down:

Limited offer at only $400.00 each

Renewals: $100.00 each!


Yes you can use your real name or any name for that matter. In addition it will be issued as per what you put on your application, any date of birth. However we suggest you use your real date of birth.


* Booklet measures approximately 4.25 X 6 inches.(10.8 X 15.25 Cm.)

* Gray card stock cover, 17 pages.

* Bears official ITA (International Travel Association) stamps and/or seals on photo and all endorsements.

UN Style IDL APPLICATION FORM -cut & paste, insert into your email browser and email to us.

Please email in jpeg format 2 good quality colour passport photos and the following details

Name to appear in IDP:__________________________________________________

*Address to appear on IDP_______________________________________________


* If you don't have an address for your IDP and want us to provide one, check here ___

Categories of motor vehicles are you qualified to drive? Check all that apply

A. Motorcycle ____

B. Passenger Car, less than 7,700 Lbs. (3,500 Kg) ____

C. Motor vehicles over 7,700 Lbs. (3,500 Kg) ____

D. Motor vehicles with more than eight (8) seats. ____

E. Motor vehicles of categories B, C, or D above, with other than a light trailer. ____

Please complete all fields

Nationality: ________________________

Birth Date: _________________________

Colour of Eyes:______________________

Colour of Hair:_______________________

Height: ___________________________


Preferred Issue date:____________

Preferred Country of issue__________________

Shipping name and address _______________________________________________


Fax ____________________Phone ____________________Email_______________

[ ] US$65 courier service. Tick the box to the left and add the courier charge to your order - Please send me my UN style IDL by courier delivery for an additional fee of US$65. I understand that I must provide a street address for courier service.


Ben Lewis