Important Notice

Due to US governmental actions and insecure agencies, US customs, HLS and postal authorities have been opening and confiscating ID type documents in spite of these products being novelty items and perfectly legal.

As a result, we no longer ship any ID products direct to North America. Therefore for *ALL* our US friends you now MUST use a foreign address when ordering these type of products.

We have made arrangements with several reliable, privacy minded non-US mail drop operators to provide a one time, one off mail accepting and forwarding service that will accept your courier packet and immediately turn around and courier it off to you anywhere in the world. In other words we will ship your camouflage or ID order to a non US address, which in turn will forward it to you regardless where you're located.

Please add US$65 for this surcharge and service. This is in addition to the normal shipping charge for all orders. This includes the one time use of the non-US mail drop and the double courier charges, i.e. the cost of it being sent by courier to the mail drop, then the forwarding from the mail drop to you by courier a second time.

You will be provided with the name of the courier company and the tracking number once your product has been shipped. However we will no longer be responsible in the event customs confiscates this product or the order is 'lost' in transit. Therefore it is imperative that clear, concise and a detailed street address with phone number (for courier company use only), is provided in order to insure a safe and expedient delivery to you as ALL orders are F.O.B. and final!

We regret having to take this action and the added cost for our customers. However due to the recent climate in America we refuse to ship these type of products direct to any United States address any longer.

Thank you for your understanding.


Ben Lewis