Second nationalities, banking passports and other ID products.

Here is the information that just might save your life!

This country is located in a well established and stable Central American nation. The program has been running for over 11years now and many new citizens and passport holders have been VERY pleased with it. In our humble opinion, this is one of the best value for money today in securing a second passport that is in all the computer data bases in the host country, comes from a government source, has all the additional bells and whistles and is time-proven to be hassle free.

It also has very good visa free entry to most of the world's countries. No matter what your legitimate reasons for seeking second citizenship -- no bad guys need apply, for you will be screened out --you won't find a better deal, especially for families.

The processing time is approximately 12-14 weeks plus delivery time from the time we have application, photographs, finger prints and payment in hand.

Look over this information and if this is for you, get back to us at your earliest.

The Country offers good visa free conditions and also a possible short cut to Spanish residency and passport. Cost is Eur 45,000. Children with the same surname UNDER 18 are;
1st child EUR 22,500
2nd child = EUR 17,500
3rd + child = EUR 12,500

Program is fully legitimate as you apply for and receive your passport direct from the countries nearest embassy/consulate to you..

Program also includes the new national ID card and local drivers license plus an exit stamp placed in your document if you request. However this country does NOT stamp an exit stamp when departing this country. Documents are delivered via special delivery handling service. The passport is valid for five years, is machine readable and renewable thereafter at any host consulate in the world. The drivers license is valid for seven years. The cedula is valid for life.

This may be the best value for your money today. No visit to the country is required. If you would like to proceed after reading this material, contact us via email.


Ben Lewis