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Surf the web anonymously without leaving a trace behind you.

The International PGP Home Page
Download the latest freeware version of PGP for your platform.

Privacy International (PI)
It is a human rights group formed in 1990 as a watchdog on surveillance by governments and corporations. PI is based in London, England, and has an office in Washington, D.C. PI has conducted campaigns throughout the world on issues ranging from wiretapping and national security, to ID cards, video surveillance, data matching, police information systems, medical privacy, and freedom of information and expression

monitoring the state and civil liberties in the European Union

Multi Proxy
An excellent site for obtaining and using a proxy server.

A great new site for obtaining and using offshore bank accounts in the world's top privacy jurisdictions.

The starting point where you can find dozens of the most useful tools available online.

Restart your life overseas.

Excellent source of information, mainly for Americans.


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