What is a banking passport?

A banking passport is a government issued passport authorized under a government sponsored Project Development Fund in a Southern African country. However the country is NOT South Africa. This type of document offers hard to obtain visas due to the locale of the country. However the document can be issued in any name and is therefore ideal for legal banking ID to open accounts worldwide

Alternatively an Asian banking Passport is Available.

Can I have it issued in another name and or date of birth?

Yes you can use your real name or any name for that matter. In addition it will be issued as per what you put on your application, any date of birth. However we suggest you use your real date of birth.

Can I travel on this document?

Unfortunately visa-free travel opportunities are poor and many African programs are less than stable. Though some clients informed us they have traveled to Cuba and parts of Asia on this document, due to heavy visa requirements, we recommend that you obtain this product for banking purposes only and should never be used for, or intended for use for travel. It's a very volatile market and we have taken great care to choose only those programs we can seriously recommend. One major advantage, however, is their great affordability which makes this program ideal for opening bank and brokerage accounts

What country offers the Project Development Fund and which country issues the passport?

Sorry but due to contractual agreement and in order to protect the integrity of the program, we are bound NOT to disclose the name of the country until we receive a 100% paid order.

Does the African nation notify my home government?

Absolutely not. The government could care less about doing that. Since it is a very poor nation they are interested in your investment to the country in return for this product

Are they legal?

Certainly, but if you use a date of birth other than your real date of birth some authorities might frown on it should they learn otherwise.

How long are they valid for and how do I renew mine?

They are valid for five years and renewable from source.

How do I get one and how long does it take?

Easy. All you have to do is fill out completely our Order Form and submit it. Once we receive your order we'll email you our pay in details and your remit payment. Its that simple! Once we have received your payment in full, source has received your completed application and pictures, you'll in most cases have your document in hand in approximately four weeks.

... And how much will it cost me?

Easy, again. The cost of the program is only Eur 6,500 per applicant including, in one case, a non-revenue producing investment in a government sponsored Project Development Fund. This fee will show you as being born in the host country. Add US$1,250 if you want to have your passport showing you born elsewhere, i.e. in your real country, or another country.

Additional bonus:

Add Eur 1,250 if you require a local drivers license and an international drivers license from the same country.

Copy and paste this form into your email program, complete all the form fields and email the completed form to:

] Yes, I want my own banking passports and accept the terms and conditions stated above. BANKING PASSPORT Eur 6,500 INCLUDING COURIER DELIVERY. [ ] Yes I'd like a local drivers license and international DL for just Eur 1,250 additional. First name & surname you wish the passport to be made out to ( need not be your birth name) :.................................................. date of birth: .................................... place of birth: .................................... height (in ' and "): ..... color of eyes: ................. weight (in lbs.): ...... address you wish to place on your documents: (note that if you leave this field blank we will place an address for you.) ...................................... Any special instructions ...................................................................................

Please Note:
Once we receive full payment from you we will send you special instructions on how to take your passport pictures. These MUST be taken at a certain angle according to government standards otherwise they will be rejected and time, effort and money wasted as they will have to be retaken and resent.

Order Form

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All Misc. ID products are Euro 95 each plus shipping (Eur 65) total Euro 160. See Important Notice for our North American customers. Banking passports and genuine travel passport programs are now available! See Passport Programs Here.

Please note :
We do not warrant the use of these documents. They are purchased as novelty items and we do NOT make any claims that one can use these ID's to replace government issued licenses and or other documents. Banking passports are NOT for travel under any circumstance. If you do not understand this DO NOT order.


Ben Lewis